Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 Tank Trouble is a very professional, highly immersive arcade game and with the 3rd iteration, the game got even better. Alongside the better animations and leaderboard features, the game also works better and it offers an amazing gameplay experience unlike never before. With Tank Trouble 3 you get to truly showcase your skill against a wide range of human and AI as you see fit.
With Tank Trouble 3, you don’t have to worry about deadlines nor anything like that, instead, this is a fun, relaxing game that you can play whenever you want without any restrictions. It’s really nice and fun to enjoy your time when all you have to do is to destroy the other tanks in the game world. And since the game world is continually changing, offering you more insane challenges, it’s a lot more fun and exciting to explore all of these possibilities in an outstanding way.

Controls for Tank Trouble 3
Tank Trouble 3 controls are very simple and offer you some unique, extraordinary experiences. The idea here is simple, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to guide your tank through the game world and when you want to shoot projectiles towards an enemy, all you need to do is to press M and that’s it. Tank Trouble 3 offers you a very refined gameplay, in which you manage to explore a wide range of cool mechanics as you see fit.

Tank Trouble 3 strategies
One of the most popular strategies that you can use in order to play against human players or the AI is to shoot projectiles against the wall. The projectiles you shoot will bounce against the wall from one wall to another, offering you a very interesting way to defeat your enemy without even coming in frontal contact.

Moreover, in Tank Trouble 3 you need to move very fast because enemies will immediately shoot and you do want to avoid such a thing. Instead, make sure that all attacks and appearances in front of your enemy are carefully timed because you do want to have the best possible advantage in front of the enemy.

Acquire the power-ups that appear in the game world, because they will provide you with a great advantage as you play. It might take a little bit until you get to them, something that might be dangerous considering the enemies attack you, but once you get the bonus you will have an amazing advantage, which can bring you immense opportunities. Do that, and the results will be more than impressive!

As you can see, Tank Trouble 3 is indeed an amazing game and one that offers you a ton of fun. It’s easy to play, simple and definitely fun, but the best thing is that no two maps are the same, so the fun also comes from the entire randomness of the game as well! Don’t hesitate and play this right now, you will have an immense joy and fun playing!

There is another resource to playing tank trouble in both multiplayer (with 1 or 2 players) and single mode,  where you can enjoy expanding the game in fullscreen, just go and check out: https://www.tankius.com/game/tank-trouble.html