Tank Trouble

Game Description

Welcome to Tank Trouble, the ultimate tank battling game where you can test your tank battling skills unlike never before. In the game you will need to play against 1-2 tanks, and the challenge comes from getting the best score by eliminating your enemies as fast as possible. Tank Trouble is suitable for people of all ages, so no matter how old you are, this title is a blast to play and a lot of fun, as you are in complete control of your tank and your guidance is what will lead the mission to success or failure! In this title you will need to carefully time your shots in order to defeat your enemies. You can play against real persons online, but at the same time you also get the possibility to play against an AI called Laika if you want, whose difficulty will change based on your skill.

Important topics

Tank Trouble One of the best games to play online, which allows you to play with multiple players. Basically, it is a strategy game where you will need to show your skills as a player.

Levels are generated at random, which means that you will always have new levels to face and challenges to overcome. From the beginning and up until the end, Tank Trouble brings in a rollercoaster ride as you never know what to expect and you need to stay on your toes, prepared to overcome all the attacks ahead of you.
Once you have proven your might against a single opponent, you can move onward and play against one or even two friends. This time, the difficulty ramps up exponentially so even more extra care is required in order for you to win!
If you want, you can easily play Tank Trouble in fullscreen mode, something that offers a lot of conveniences and which completely improves the experience!
Tank Trouble is the ultimate action game to play at the office, so if this sounds good to you just press the Play button and immerse yourself in a funny, relaxing experience! Get the best scores and break through the leaderboards, all in a fun and relaxing environment!

Before you start playing, you can observe on the screen which are keys to move the tank. Remember that you can select to play alone or with other players. Tank Trouble is very simple and easy to handle, but what captivated with their levels and opponents. I wish you luck and hope you have fun.

The point of this game is that you will have to eliminate your opponent, the two have the same tank. The levels are increasing, as you will remove points to his opponent. At first, it will be a little difficult to move the tank, if you have no knowledge of this great game. You can ask some friend who continually Tank Trouble game.


Now let’s talk about other versions, actually, you can find here all variations of this game.

We’ll start with the most popular today, it’s Tank Trouble 3, which gives you the ability to choose game from three possible mode: you can play single with computing dog named Laika, you also can play with one or even two humans from the same keyboard, in this case, you probably will need more big one, though 3-th player must use mouse for playing.

Next version of our topic is Tank Trouble 2, pretty same as the third game, but it specifies particularly on two players, just choose your opponent between your gamer friends and make an amazing battle.

The gameplay and manner of playing are the same for all Tank Trouble games, but each of that version has its own features, which is easy to see within playing process itself, so just try to play all of them to see which fits best for you.

Let’s go ahead and move on Tank Trouble Unblocked – the unblocked version of Tank Trouble, the main difference between other versions is, that weapons fade in more frequently and so entire game is full of actions. There is no ability to play single in Unblocked version, you can only play with 1 or 2 players on the same Computer.

The freshest version is Tank Trouble 4, which comes with a lot of improvements in game design and gameplay, also it touches web graphics, you can easily find all differences and really enjoy of new, fourth part of Tank Trouble.

In addition to these numerous and unblocked versions, here you can find the downloadable version as well which is known as Tank Trouble Swf.